An open letter from Tony Novinska, President of GEA |

This weekend was a huge success and the GEA would like to take a moment to THANK YOU!

  • The Volunteers who put in countless hours to make Village Days even possible.
  • Our current Board of Directors, Donna Ouellette, Kathy Kascza, Carolann Matzek, and Suzette Brahm - we function as a great team.
  • The past GEA Board and Members who still provide valuable guidance.
  • The Village Board, who were run ragged as bartenders.
  • John Hermes for creating GEA from the ashes of the Greendale Jaycees.
  • The Police Department for keeping order.
  • Nick Koleas of for donating his time, equipment and expertise to the FEA area.

Most of all, we'd like to thank the people of Greendale and the people outside this great town for making our little festival a true slice of Americana!